Preparing for a waxing treatment is important for achieving the best results and minimizing discomfort. Here are some things to keep in mind before, during, and after your appointment at WaxWorks.
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Before Your Treatment

Let your hair grow out to at least 0.5-1cm long. This will guarantee the most effective result. For an even better result moisturise daily and exfoliate twice or three times a week. Don’t do anything to make your skin sensitive before your treatment i.e. sun beds. Most importantly don’t be embarrassed. We are specialists in the area and have waxed thousands of different body shapes and sizes.

At Your Treatment

If it’s your first time with us your therapist will do a quick consultation with you to ensure we ask the right questions and get the best results. 

Let Us Know If…

You have any allergies e.g. nut or aroma therapy oils. If you have ever had any problems with waxing in the past or if there are certain positions you feel more comfortable in. Types of skin care you may be using such as retinal, vitamin A, skin lighteners, and acids, (glycolic, lactic, salicylic). If you are taking Roaccotane or have just finished in the last 6 months. Ask about our aftercare products ie if you are prone to ingrown hairs or dry skin.

After Your Treatment

Wait 24 hours before: Applying make-up, deodrant or perfumed moisturisers. Exercising: raising your body temperature may irritate your skin. Going into the sun or using sunbeds. Don’t forget to moisturise daily and exfoliate 2-3 times a week. If you are prone to ingrown hairs ask about our exfoliating products. Don’t shave in between waxes as it distorts the hair growth cycle. Wear loose preferably cotton clothing to allow your skin to breath. Come back for your next wax in 4-6 weeks, this is the recommended amount of time between waxes however it can be different for everyone please discuss with your therapist when to book your next appointment. So when its time to wax again give us a call, drop in, email or why not book before you leave

If you can’t make it, tell us the day before

At Wax Works Limerick, 24 hours notice is required if you are unable to make your appointment. If this notice is not given, you will be charged a cancellation fee based on the cost of the treatment(s) booked.

Cancellations within 24 will incur 50% charge. If we are able to fill your slot there will be no charge however there will be 100% charge if you simply do not show up to your appointment.

Ready to bare it all?

Our waxing services are here to help you bare it all with confidence. Get ready to ditch the fuzz and flaunt your glow-up. Come on over and let us work our magic!
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